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Oil pollutants

Oil rig   Catalogue of Optical Spectra of Oils
Hengstermann T & R Reuter
Published first in January 1999 by:
Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Institute of Physics, Marine Physics Group, 26129 Oldenburg, Germany
      Data Catalogue    Fluorescence Analyses    Absorbance Analyses

Purpose of this data catalogue is to provide a tool for identifying oils in aquatic environments by means of fluorescence and absorbance spectroscopy. Data was used for studying methods of oil type classification based on fluorescence emission spectra (Hengstermann & Reuter, 1992; Reuter et al., 1995; Almhdi et al., 2007). The catalogue includes crude oils, refined products, and vegetable oils. Basic features of the catalogue are:


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