Whirlwind 1, a compact static Doppler wind lidar

Whirlwind 1 Whirlwind 1 is a Doppler lidar for nacelle-based static wind measurements. Avoiding any moving elements results in a most ruggedized design of the instrument. Installation in the spinner of wind turbines at oblique angles with respect to the rotor axis produces a conical scan while the rotor is turning. From the line-of-sight wind data, the mean wind vectors ahead of the rotor are calculated.

Main characteristics:

Graphical User Interface
The Graphical User Interface, with (from top to bottom) analog detector data,
spectrum from aerosol backscatter showing the Doppler peak at 250 m distance
from which wind speed is derived, and colour coded wind profiles
where measuring points correspond to seconds.

Wind data accuracies were calibrated by Deutsche WindGuard GmbH. Read the Caribration Report.

Read more: Datasheet (in English), Datenblatt (auf deutsch).

Whirlwind stand

Whirlwind 1 on a stand with antenna rotor, an economic instrument for ground-based assessment of wind resource in the context of wind farm planning. The 360° rotation time is 50 seconds, typically.

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Whirlwind 1 was developed at University of Oldenburg with funds from the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety, Berlin, Germany.