MOSES - the Mobile Autonomous Sensor Platform

MOSES Drifter MOSES is an autonomous platform for hydrographic measurements in coastal waters, lakes and rivers.

The platform can be equipped with a variety of instruments and sensors for applications in oceanography and limnology, meteorology and pollution survey. Sensor performance can be from low cost to high-precision depending on the user's needs.

Real-time data are available through different communication channels for operation in near-shore or offshore conditions.

A high capacity lithium battery and an optimised power management allow for a 3-month autonomous operation.

MOSES Drifter

MOSES Drifter floating MOSES Buoy

Designed for Lagrangian drift measurements of surface trajectories and of environmental parameters in rivers, lakes and offshore.

The small height of 30 cm (without antennas) allows applications in shallow waters without stranding on the ground, with superiour stability also in bad weather conditions.

The drifter is almost submerged, the influence of wind on the trajectory is therefore very small.


An alternative design with increased buoyancy allows MOSES to be used as a moored buoy. The image on the right shows an application for time series measurements of air pressure, and of temperature just below and 1 m above the sea surface.

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MOSES is a joint development of:
OpticSense GmbH and LDI Innovation OÜ, Tallinn, Estonia.