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Oil pollutants

Oil rig   Catalogue of Optical Spectra of Oils
Hengstermann T & R Reuter
Published first in January 1999 by:
Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Institute of Physics, Marine Physics Group, 26129 Oldenburg, Germany
Data Catalogue

Arabian Heavy Crude Heavy Fuel Fortanella Fish Oil
Arabian Light Crude 50% water 50% heavy fuel Olearia Olive Oil  
Arabian Medium Crude Bunker Fuel if 180    
Auk Crude C 9 - Aromaten    
Basra Crude Fuel Jet A-1    
Beatrice Crude Gas Oil USSR Texaco    
Beryl Crude Light Petrol    
Beryl Crude Ship Diesel    
Brent Crude Fuel Oil Normal Texaco    
Cabinda Crude Reformat Texaco    
German Crude SB Motor Oil SAE20-W50    
Ekofisk Crude Motor Oil SAE30    
Ekofisk Crude Heavy Cat Crack Benzine    
Essider Crude Lubricating Oil    
Flotta Crude      
Flotta Crude      
Forties Donax      
Gach Saran      
Hamburg Crude      
Iran Heavy Crude      
Kuwait Crude      
Crude Marpol Ex      
Crude Marpol Ex      
Ninian Blend      
Nigerian Light      
Nigerian Porcado      
Ninian Crude      
Oman Golf Crude      
Oman Crude      
Romaschkino Crude      
Statfjord Crude      
Venezuela Crude      
Tuimaz Crude      
Agrill Crude      
Archimedes II